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Preferred Variety Brochure

By: Jim Peterson
Posted: Mar 15 2024

Preferred Variety BrochureThe accompanying brochure, found here, is a tool for producers to use in their variety selection process.  The brochure illustrates how varieties rate for kernel, milling and baking quality against their contemporaries, as well as for key end-use quality parameters that are valued by customers, and support price premiums for the HRS wheat class on the world market. 

The brochures are meant to supplement the yield and agronomic data available on varieties.  As producers select varieties that have the needed agronomics and disease/pest resistance for their local growing region and management practices, they should choose varieties with the higher quality rating from that group.  While variety decisions for quality can be trumped by adverse growing and harvest conditions, as well as poor crop management, genetics do have a significant impact on an annual basis, and certainly over the longer term.  Choosing varieties that rate higher for kernel and end-use quality parameters will help maintain the needed base quality attributes that drive demand for U.S. hard red spring wheat.  

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