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Weekly Wheat Update

Weekly Wheat Update

Every Tuesday during the growing season (generally April through September), the North Dakota Wheat Commission issues a weekly wheat report report to update buyers on growing conditions, yield potential, crop health, disease concerns, quality, etc.  The Commission utilizes the USDA NASS weekly crop progress reports and crop reports from producers, elevators, extension agents and agronomists to develop the report.

Weekly Wheat Update May 17, 2022

Producers in North Dakota have been able to make some planting progress in recent days after warmer temperatures over the weekend and windy conditions that helped dry soils.  However, producers in many areas have yet to start planting.  Precipitation over the last week ranged from around an inch to 4-5 inches or more in isolated areas. The most recent USDA Crop Progress report indicates that spring wheat planting in North Dakota is 17% complete, up from 8% last week, but substantially behind both last year’s pace of 81% and the five-year average of 60%.  There are chances of precipitation towards the end of the week which could stall progress for some producers and further delay the start of planting for others.  Planting in Minnesota is also much delayed with only 5% of their spring wheat acres in the ground.  Producers in Montana and South Dakota have made more progress since they have had drier conditions with planting progress at 70 and 78%, respectively.  Emergence of the spring wheat crop is also slower than normal with only 16% of the U.S. spring wheat emerged, behind 44% last year and 30% on average.
Durum wheat planting also made some progress over the last week with 9% of the crop planted, well behind over 50% last year.  Many producers in the northwest part of the state (the largest durum producing region) received 2-4 inches of rain in the last week.  While the moisture was welcome to alleviate last year’s drought conditions, it continues to delay planting progress.  In Montana, about 50% of the crop has been planted, near average.
Wheat Planted by State   5/15/22   Last Week   Last Year   5 yr. Avg
ND Spring 17 8 81 60
ND Durum 9 3 57 45
Minnesota 5 2 99 75
Montana 70 50 68 66
South Dakota 78 63 96 84
U.S. 39 27 83 67
As of May 15, 2022        
Wheat Emerged by State   5/15/22   Last Week   Last Year   5 yr. Avg  
ND Spring 2 0 34 20
ND Durum 0 0 17 11
Minnesota 1 0 79 34
Montana 30 16 32 30
South Dakota 43 28 74 53
U.S. 16 9 44 30
As of May 15, 2022        

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