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Hard Red Spring Wheat Crop Quality Report

The regional quality report provides data on grading factors, kernel quality, flour quality, dough properties and baking quality for the hard red spring wheat crop grown in North Dakota, Montana, Minnesota, South Dakota, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Samples are collected at harvest and analyzed at the Spring Wheat Quality Lab at North Dakota State University. The reports are available at the end of October. Use the links below to view the full reports.

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2017 Summary

The 2017 hard red spring wheat crop has an average grade of No. 1 Northern Spring, compared to a No. 1 Dark Northern Spring last year, as average vitreous kernel levels fell from 77 to 71 percent. 91 percent of the crop grades a No. 1. Average test weight is 61.7 pounds per bushel (81.1kg/hl) and damaged kernels are low at 0.1 percent. Average protein is 14.5 percent, higher than previous years due to drought conditions and above average temperatures. Falling numbers are fairly sound with an average of 389 seconds.

Milling yields are up nearly 4 percent at 71.2 percent, with higher ash. Physical dough tests show slightly weaker, more extensible dough properties relative to 2016, but stronger compared to the five-year average. Farinograph stability times range from 7.9 to 13.7 minutes, with a 11.9 minute average. Absorption values are similar to a year ago. Dough properties
as measured on the Extensograph and Alveograph parallel the farinograph, indicating a crop that is similar to slightly weaker in strength, but expressing greater extensibility.

Baking evaluations show lower loaf volumes similar to 2016 and the 5-yr average, with an average of 951 cubic centimeters. Dough handling properties are slightly poorer than 2016 with more extensibility, but overall bread scores are similar to higher than a
year ago.


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