North Dakota Wheat Commision

Pasta Month
To help recognize the importance of durum wheat production in the state to pasta production in the U.S. and around the world, the North Dakota Wheat Commission annually celebrates Pasta Month in October and recognizes Pasta Lover's Week beginning on October 22.

We invite media to get involved in the celebration through "Boil It, Pour It On and Win" Pasta Word Search and Trivia contests. Winners receive fabulous prize packages including a t-shirt from the North Dakota Wheat Commission and pasta from North Dakota manufacturers.


Pasta Fits

Visit this website to learn about National Pasta Month, interesting facts about pasta, nutritional information and recipes.

Pasta Recipes

Check out the many delicious pasta recipes available!

National Pasta Association

the NPA is the trade association for the United States pasta industry. Founded in 1904, the NPA is comprised of manufacturing, industry supplier, and allied industry representatives.


Boil It, Pour It On, and Win Trivia
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Boil It, Pour It On and Win Word Search
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Celebrate Pasta Month with a fun word search. This file includes the word search and the answer key.

Pasta - Simple.Nutritious.Delicious Recipe Brochure
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