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Crop Progress Report May 19, 2015

Planting of the 2015 U.S. hard red spring wheat crop is nearly completed with 94 percent planted as of May 17. This is up from 87 percent the previous week, and double the level of 2014 and also well ahead of the five year average of 65 percent. Planting in Minnesota and South Dakota is essentially completed, with Montana at 95 percent complete and North Dakota 90 percent.

More than two-thirds of the U.S. crop has emerged, double the typical level for mid-May. Cool soil temperatures and the recent trend of cooler than normal air temperatures has made for a little longer time between planting and crop emergence in some areas.

The first condition rating for the crop was released this week, and 65 percent of the crop is rated good to excellent. The highest ratings are in North Dakota where 72 percent is rated good to excellent, followed by Montana at 64 percent, Minnesota at 55 percent and South Dakota at 42 percent.

The region as a whole has received some very timely precipitation over the last week to ten days, but some areas have received excessive precipitation. In addition, record to near record overnight low temperatures have also prevailed across the region in the last couple of days, raising concern about potential crop damage to some of the crop, although wheat is generally less susceptible to frost compared to other crops, at this stage of development. The crop would certainly benefit from a period of warmer temperatures, and central and eastern parts of the four state region from a drier weather pattern.

The northern U.S. durum crop continues to progress ahead of normal for planting. In North Dakota, 71 percent of the crop has been planted, compared to just 12 percent a year ago and one-third for a five-year average. In Montana, 96 percent has been planted, compared to 45 percent last year and 53 percent for a five-year average. Approximately one-fourth of the North Dakota crop and one-third of the Montana crop has emerged. In general early crop ratings are most good to excellent, although no official USDA crop ratings have been released. The durum region would benefit from some warmer temperatures, and in some areas more timely precipitation. The recent rain events have missed some of the key durum region, but soil moisture conditions remain mostly adequate at this time.

Percent Planted and Emerged by State
  5/17/15 5/10/15 5/17/14 5 Year Avg.
ND Spring - planted 90 82 23 51
ND Spring - emerged 53 37 5 28
ND Durum - planted 71 46 12 34
ND Durum - emerged 25 4 1 16
Minnesota - planted 99 98 18 65
Minnesota - emerged 90 82 7 44
Montana - planted 95 86 71 72
Montana - emerged 70 57 32 31
South Dakota - planted 97 96 82 89
South Dakota - emerged 77 71 40 59
U.S. - planted 94 87 47 65
U.S. - emerged 67 54 22 38

Crop Condition Ratings - Percent of Crop in each Condition
  V Poor Poor Fair Good Excellent Index
ND Spring - this week 2 3 23 67 5 370
ND Spring - last week na na na na na na
ND Durum - this week na na na na na na
ND Durum - last week na na na na na na
Minnesota -this week 0 1 44 48 7 361
Minnesota - last week na na na na na na
Montana - this week 2 3 31 53 11 368
Montana - last week na na na na na na
South Dakota - this week 0 8 50 41 1 335
South Dakota - last week na na na na na na
U.S. - this week 1 3 31 58 7 367
U.S. - last week na na na na na na
As of May 17, 2015

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