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Crop Progress Report May 3, 2016

Planting of the U.S. spring wheat crop has surpassed the halfway point, reaching 54 percent completion. After much needed precipitation, fieldwork was limited at the beginning of last week, but picked up again after conditions dried out towards the weekend. Temperatures this week look to be warmer with limited precipitation which should allow for good planting progress. Progress is still ahead of the five-year average. In South Dakota, 81 percent of the spring wheat has been planted and about two-thirds is planted in both Montana and Minnesota. In North Dakota, 39 percent has been planted.

Emergence of the U.S. spring wheat crop is at 22 percent, slightly ahead of average. The cooler, wet conditions last week slowed emergence, but warmer, drier conditions this week should allow for improved germination and emergence this week. In South Dakota over half of the crop has emerged, 27 percent has emerged in Minnesota, 21 percent in Montana and 10 percent in North Dakota.

Durum planting progress was also slowed last week due to the cooler, wetter conditions. In North Dakota, 11 percent of the crop has been planted, slightly behind the average of 14 percent. Planting is more advanced in Montana with 42 percent planted, well ahead of the average pace of 20 percent and last year's pace of 33 percent. Similar to spring wheat, conditions in the durum region look to be warmer and drier which should allow good planting pace this week.

Percent Planted and Emerged by State
  5/1/16 4/24/16 5/1/15 5 Year Avg.
ND Spring - planted 39 26 58 28
ND Spring - emerged 10 5 12 8
ND Durum - planted 11 6 22 14
ND Durum - emerged n/a n/a n/a n/a
Minnesota - planted 63 46 91 39
Minnesota - emerged 27 9 44 19
Montana - planted 60 53 64 38
Montana - emerged 21 2 17 7
South Dakota - planted 81 72 90 58
South Dakota - emerged 52 24 43 28
U.S. - planted 54 42 69 39
U.S. - emerged 22 8 24 14

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